Call for entries | Studio XX programming committee

Studio XX is looking for new members for its Programming Committee (2017-2018).
Are you an artist, activist, curator, critic, scholar, student, or writer who is passionate about digital arts?
Join XX’s Programming Committee!

Deadline to submit your candidature: June 15, 2017

Founded in 1996, Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre that supports technological experimentation, creation and critical reflection in media arts. XX assists in the independent production and diffusion of art created by artists who identify as women, queer, trans, and gender fluid in the field of contemporary technological practices. Demystifying, providing access, equipping, questioning and creating, these are the aims of Studio XX. The centre actively participates in the development of a digital democracy that encourages autonomy and collaboration.

The Studio is a space specifically dedicated to the feminist practices of a community of critical and committed artists who are often marginalized within the digital arts world (and in society). XX contributes to the redistribution of power and expression between genders by defending an inclusive feminist position and by denouncing the persistence of gender disparities. The Studio supports projects from individuals and communities who use and design more accessible technologies, from artists who experiment with recycled materials and free software, from those who work with post-internet practices, and from people who define the Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together ethics.

For further information, please check out Studio XX’s history and artistic vision.

Studio XX is based on a horizontal structure, therefore, its various committees (communications, finance, human resources, mediation, and programming) are involved in the decision-making process of the organization. This reflects XX’s feminist position.

The Studio XX Programming Committee is responsible for:

  • The artistic vision of the Center;
  • Defining thematics for the annual programming events (conferences, exhibitions, Les HTMlles      festival, etc.) and production activities (workshops, artist residencies, events, etc.) ;
  • Defining the selection criteria of calls for projects

The Programming Committee must commit to the following objectives in relation to programming activities:  

  • Fostering research, experimentation and development of current artistic practices;
  • assisting in the production of works and their public diffusion;
  • providing the arts community with spaces, facilities, residences and specialized services and resources;
  • offering exhibitions, lectures, debates, performances and publications to the community.

Participation in the Programming Committee is based on the following principles:

  • Members are part of the Programming Committee for a one (1) year mandate, renewable two (2) times;
  • Members of the Programming Committee are invited to share their expertise and propose projects, artists’ names, and collaborations, linked to the chosen annual theme;
  • Given the Programming Committee’s importance in the overall mission of Studio XX, it is expected that members attend all meetings, either in person or through videoconferencing, minimum four (4) times a year.


If you have the expertise and an engagement with a local, national and/or international arts community that matches our mandate and philosophy, please submit your application to following address: programmation at, by June 15 2017.

Interested candidates should send the following documents by email :

  • A letter of intention clearly explaining why you are interested in becoming a member of the Programming Committee (250 words maximum);
  • A CV (3 pages maximum)

Please note: to apply for the Programming Committee you do NOT need to be a member of Studio XX, however, if you are selected to be part of the Programming Committee, you will then need to become a member.