I8U has had an exceptional musical career which has run the gamut from classical music to the blues. It just took a fortuitous meeting with David Kristian for her to get involved with electronic music. I8U has taken part in various music and new technology festivals in Canada and Europe including Silophone (Montreal 2000), Mutek (Montreal 2001), Le Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (Victoriaville 2002), Ver Uit de Maat (Rotterdam 2002) and Reception is Interception (Kunstradio, Austria 2002). She has produced CDs on Canadian and European labels including one in collaboration with Goem in Amsterdam. She often gives solo performances and works with Martin Tétrault, David Kristian and Magalie Babin. I8U has a special interest in music, sound and Web art which, a year ago allowed her to present her first Web art project, Obstacle, directed by commissioner Nicole Gingras in Périphérique, a media lab created in conjunction with the Groupe Intervention Vidéo. Soon after, she presented a second work—_ S _ —at the Musée du Québec as part of the Ellipse exhibition, directed by commissioner Valérie Lamontagne.