Teen Sleuth

Teen Sleuth is an art rock band from Montreal. They have become known for their multi- disciplinary ope-raw: Teen Sleuth & the Freed Cyborg Choir, which features live puppetry, dance, costumes, and video projections all illustrating the music. Teen Sleuth performed 6 shows in Pop Montreal 2009, with 2 soldout performances. During Pop, Teen Sleuth was featured in the Gazette, on CBC Radio, Nightlife, La Presse, and the Globe and Mail, stating: ”A multimedia, hipster pop- opera may not sound appetizing but it was hard not to be won over by Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Choir, which ran every evening in a small theatre upstairs on St-Laurent. Equal parts high-school glee club, Andrew Lloyd Webber, eco-feminist honours thesis and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, its projections, puppetry, dance, pageantry and song burst with youthful talent.” (Carl Wilson)

Teen Sleuth debuted at the Montreal Fringe 2009, with 6 well received performances, earning them the Frankie Next Stage award for a production with exceptional potential. Teen Sleuth was the feature cover story of the Hour, and positively reviewed in the Gazette, Hour, and Voir.

Teen Sleuth launched their debut EP in the Montreal Fringe 2010 to an estimated 500 people. They unveiled a new set of projections featuring footage of their live ope-raw theatrics. This established two performance capacities: 1: as a band with such video projections; interacting with live music, and 2: an ope-raw production; with live theatrics, projections and music.