BOTES CLUB | Sarah Chouinard-Poirier, Marie-Andrée Godin and Maude Veilleux


Residency dates:
PART 1 – March, 8th to April, 4th, 2021
PART 2 – August, 16th to September, 5th, 2021
At Ada X and online

BOTES CLUB is a relational, performative, installation project that observes and questions the power relations based on the gynemorphism of domestic robots, personal assistants and misogynist equipment from AI. Drawing on the experiential experiences and situated knowledge of a group of care workers who have worked in the context of a pandemic, the artists will attempt to develop strategies for collaboration between all these social agents, brought together in a virtual sharing space. This residency becomes an opportunity for the three artists to learn how to do things together, in a DIY and feminist way, using popular platforms for skills sharing.

About the artists:

Sarah Chouinard-Poirier, Marie-Andrée Godin and Maude Veilleux create performances, installations, activities and texts. They strive to find ways to think, learn and do in a way that is self-preserving and empowering for the whole group. First and foremost, they are friends, who like to pee in nature, play in the mud and eat burnt vegetables. Their shared interests in artificial intelligence, post-capitalism, futurities and non-futurities brought them together to reflect and create BOTES CLUB.