DIY Electro



Instructor: Nataliya Petkova
Duration: 20 hours
Dates : October 24 + 25, October 31, November 1, 1pm — 5pm
+ 1 date TBC

$ 135 (taxes included) **see conditions (price includes equipment)
At Ada X, online and at Fab Lab du PEC  (Pie IX metro station -1691 Boulevard Pie-IX)
Workshop given in French by a bilingual teacher

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In a Do-It-Yourself environment, participants will discover the physical phenomena related to electricity, such as electromagnetism and electrochemistry. They will learn to use integrated circuits and how to connect motors, light and sensors. The workshop aims to provide access to the expertise and resources needed in order to undertake the design of circuits and to add mechanical components when creating tactile, sound or electro-mechanical art.
Using the sound synthesizer project (Atari Punk Console), participants will learn basic soldering techniques. The last day of the workshop will take place at Fab Lab du PEC (Montreal) where they will  finalize their projects and meet a community of makers.

Objectives :

Acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge on the physical and electrical phenomena related to electromagnetism and electrochemistry;
Reading technical drawings;
Building integrated circuit prototypes to connect motors, light components and sensors;
Building a synthesizer (Atari Punk Console);
Becoming familiar with soldering techniques;
Developing a project incorporating all the elements learned in the workshop;
Visit the Fab Lab du Pec and meet a community of makers.


Class 1 (4h)
Introduction to electricity and ways to use physical phenomena such as electromagnetism and electrochemistry in art; develop each participant’s project.

Class 2 (4h)
Reading technical drawings, introduction to electrical components; continuation of individual projects.

Class 3 (4h)
Designing integrated circuits; connecting various components (motors, bulbs, sensors, controllers, oscillators, etc.); continuation of individual projects.

Class 4 (4h)
Introduction to soldering, building an Atari Punk Console.

Class 5 (4h)
Field trip to the Fab Lab du PEC – a fab lab located in Montreal whose vocation is to enable the community to learn about manufacturing technologies through experimentation and the exchange of knowledge. The participants will be able to finish their project on site.

**Are you employed by a company with a payroll of $ 2 million? In addition, this training will be paid by your employer because you will follow in the course of your job?
According to Emploi-Québec regulations, people who answer yes to these two questions have access to training, but can not benefit from Emploi-Québec’s subsidized rates. The fare will therefore represent 10% of the total value of the training. In the event of more registrations than the number of places available, priority will be given to artists and cultural workers who meet the profile promoted by Emploi-Québec.

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