Elevate the well-being of your digital consciousness


Workshop / performance
Wednesday, March 24th, 2021
7 pm – 9 pm
FREE | Registration here
Bilingual FR/ENG

Explore the possibilities of your digital self with the Cosmopolitan Babes! This playful workshop / performance offers a creative response to the current context, giving participants some tips to groom and grow their online persona.

The Cosmopolitan Babes (Summer Emerald and Océane Buxton) are two retired influencers and former human women. They are said to be the first entities to have succeeded in immortalizing their consciousness in order to establish themselves permanently into the virtual world. Today, they offer their services in order to accompany you in the optimization of your personal growth. Considering the digital self to be our main vehicle, they will introduce you to several methods designed to guide you on a passage towards the evolutionary level above human. And all this, for free. Whose luck?