Impermanent Vacations – Art Matters


Exbibition – Art Matters Festival – March 7—21
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am—5pm

Vernissage: Wednesday March 18, 6—9pm

Curator : Nina Patterson. Artists : Sophie Morro / Emily Karcz / Garrett Lockhart / Amelie Lapointe-Lavoie  / Stephen Brace / Maeve Doyle / Anastasia Ferguson

We are happy to be partners of Art Matters again this year. Now celebrating its 15th year, Art Matters is a student-run festival that showcases the diversity of Concordia University’s artistic community.

Impermanent Vacations

Documenting travel experiences through photographs, video, or writing is a common experience. Does the photograph in your album convey truth? Do we censor ourselves in order to only remember positive events? The works in Impermanent Vacations meditate on the experience of displacement, whether a short trip or a migration. Each work is linked with a yearning to be transported to a different time, a certain melancholy in the fleeting nature of memories, and the evolution of the perception of these experiences. This exhibition explores how these select pieces help us to remember key moments in life’s journey while simultaneously meditating on life’s impermanence. These documents attempt to take hold of and incorporate the unreliable nature of memory while reflecting on the individual curation of our own tokens of travel and movement. We hope these works will inspire a nostalgia for being outside of one’s comfort zone, whether exploring a new place or navigating life.

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