Intimidad Romero

An anonymous, independent artist, “she” has been well-known since 2010 when “she” was introduced as an 2.0 artwork by using her intimate pixelated digital pictures as the source for social interaction. As both artist and artwork, “she” has been influenced by Adorno, Benjamin, Debord and Groys. Her work has caught the attention of several mass-media outlets such as El Mundo, el País (Spain), Neural (Italy), (USA), among others. The artist has been nominated to the “SocialMediaArt Awards” (Phanoemenale Germany 2015), invited to Pixxelpoint MediaArt, curator Igor Štromajer (Slovenia 2014), Streaming Egos | NRW Dusseldorf, and participated in “Memory Card” at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá.