Myléna Bergeron

Bergeron is a Montreal-based musician who studied classical singing and electroacoustics. Her first performance of electronic composition took place in 2002 at the VOLTAA [4] event in Montreal, leading to her appearance at Studio XX’s HTMlles-Maid in Cyberspace06 and the prestigious Mutek festival in 2003. She also appeared as Mrs. White (trio with I8U and Magali Babin) live at le Placard within the MUTEK festival in 2005. Mylena’s work has included studies on the perception of time Chronopee and the human voice Trahir. She mainly uses field recordings that she digitally composts to extract new sounds laid out into dense compositions; narrative spaces and emotional landscapes. In 2007 she launched her 2nd CD, Chronopée 2 on the label Oral.éna_Bergeron