Le Révélateur

Le Révélateur started in 2008 as a solo venture for Montreal-based electronic musician Roger Tellier-Craig. It has since then expanded into an audio-visual duo with the inclusion of video artist Sabrina Ratté in 2010. Together they explore a common fascination for the combination of electronic image and sound, using a varying array of digital and analogue technologies. They have performed together at various festivals across North America and Europe, including On Land festival (San Francisco), Mutek (Montreal), Mutek.Mx (Mexico City), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Micro Mutek (Barcelona), Suoni per Il Popolo (Montreal), Send+Receive (Winnipeg), and Tone Deaf (Kingston).Le Révélateur has released recordings on Root Strata (Motion Flares, 2010), Emeralds’ member Steve Hauschildt’s own Gneiss Things (Fictions, 2011), and NNA Tapes (Horizon Fears, 2012). Root Strata have also recently published a DVD entitled Fictions, a collection of all videos created by Sabrina Ratté for each composition featured on the LP of the same name.