Risa Hatayama

(Anglais seulement)

Originally from Japan, visual artist Risa Hatayama pursues her work in creating imaginary narratives inspired by existentialist and surrealist literatures. Using image-based mediums such as video and photography, she explores collective concerns such as love, time, and memory as well as aspects of human emotions such as guilt, fear, and desire. Taking a personal stance, she is fascinated to convey her own view on these universal themes and to establish meditative and immersive experiences through her work. References to spirituality and performative aspect of rituals also play critical parts in her process.

In the past 4 years, she worked exclusively with the form of installation, some of which encourage the audience’s active engagements with the work. In more recent years, she has worked more closely with video and sound which integrates multiple independent video loops of diverse subject matters played back simultaneously in the space. The result of this research has offered a multi-sensorial experience that further encourages the viewer’s physical interaction with the contextual space and an intimate encounter with the artwork.

Project: Flipside

A Studio XX Commission :: Projects using Open Source
Digital Autonomy and Activism :: Multimedia design on Linux

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s « Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass », the photo based stop motion video project, Flipside (working title), explores the notion of fantastic, absurd, and surreal humor.