Christina Battle, Keeley Haftner, grlrm collective (Natalie Blaustone-Dye, Melissa Geppert, Kate Holub, Olivia No, Eden Redmond)

Presentation : Friday September 30, 2016 | 6PM
Exhibition: Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd 2016

Studio XX invites you to the presentation of a group of artists, who redefine the limits between the public and the private, by occupying actual spaces that range from the bedroom to actual streets.


Christina Battle

notes to self (2014 – en cours)
Multiple video loops | an ongoing project. notes to self.

Notes to Self is an ongoing series of videos documenting a simple, repetitive act as a way to mimic our fleeting engagement with social media status updates. Fragments of text, in the form of notes to myself, are set on fire with varying degrees of success. Unlike social media updates, the fate of these updates are controlled and finite, existing only for a few seconds before being completely destroyed. The notes, which range from humorous reminders and revelations to recollections about larger societal events, are simple in both form and execution, allowing for a critical and considered viewing response.

Games To Help You Get Ready To Live In The Police State [une série d’instructions] (2015)
Video Loops + Zines

Police militarization has been among the most consequential and unnoticed developments of our time. [Ryan Grim – Statement On The False Arrest Of Reporters Ryan Reilly And Wesley Lowery – Huffington Post, 08/13/2014 11:23 pm]


Keeley Haftner

Leaves is a collection of 3D-printed maple leaves made from disposable cups and installed site-specifically within Montreal. The cups were made from PLA (polylactic acid)—a polymer derived from corn sugar through a fermentation process that has been designed to be compostable at an industrial scale. Under the right conditions (high temperature, condensation, microbes) they may break down, but without such conditions they are similar to ordinary plastics. Being at once familiarly naturalistic and strangely synthetic, Leaves are ghostly objects which are materially and formally recognizable and withdrawn.


grlrm collective

grlrm is a collective study of the practices, publics & politics of the female bedroom. Bringing together work in print and digital media, video and sound art, performance, radical pedagogy, crafting, and community building into an interactive installation, grlrm investigates the artifacts, images, and forms of cultural work that girls and women perform in their beds and bedrooms. Additionally, grlrm seeks to explore the distinct relational practices of bedroom cultures (e.g. hanging out, chatting, media making and/or sharing, care giving). Workshops addressed to the various historical, material, affective, creative, and economic dimensions of bedroom culture are designed to facilitate conversation and creative exchange.


Julie Faubert

La Table is a sound intervention ­occupation that seeks to revisit and transform our reading and our experience of public squares. How do we inhabit the spaces we have in common? How do we build the collective history of our cities? Who decides our street names? What is collective memory? How can we participate in creating new senses of belonging to common spaces?

At La Table, we are invited to sit and share a collective dinner in the city, to discuss and take a headset, so we begin to mingle these moments with those of another dinner, on that very place, listening to other people, other words, other ideas. La Table is a metaphor of a real public space : it transforms a public square in a palimpsest of presences intertwined with one another; it creates improbable encounters between people who have occupied this square at different times. Through the use of binaural recordings that mold the very specific square spatiality, guests are invited to participate in a discussion that never ends; to listen to the voices of those who were there before blended in the voices of people who are really there, sitting at the table. From then on, it is about experiencing how it feels and what happens when we live many moments at the same time. (With the participation of 14 people from diverse fields of experience – urbanism, geography, political science, activism, (oral) history, art – who accepted to eat and discuss in Parc Ethel­ Stark on the 20th of August 2016.)