Communications contributions

Ada X relies on a community that contributes to its dynamism, encourages collaborative learning, stimulates innovation and collaborates in the advancement of media arts and knowledge about digital culture.  In order to promote and support our community of artists and cultural workers, and to encourage diversity of identity and experience, we would like to open the documentation of our workshops, residencies and events to a variety of contributors.

This would include three groups, a group of photographers and videographers, a group of writers and translators (en/fr + translation), and a group of accessibility service providers. These people may be members of Ada X or come from the general public.

The aim of the call for applications is to compile a list of people interested in documentation mandates. In addition to the names and contact details of the applicants, this list should include a database of their professional experience (portfolio, history of similar projects), working approaches, fields of interest and requested working conditions (general availability throughout the year, availability of equipment, etc.).

Contributors are invited to respond to this call with a short message expressing their interest and past experience. There is no deadline.Contributors will be added to the list on an ongoing basis. Please send your applications to with the subject line: Communications Contributions : (specify role)

Contribution fees: (CAD)

Writing: $270
Translation: $260
Video: $1000
Photo: $250
Accessibility: $500


  • Addition to mailing list overseen by communications coordinator ;
  • Contractual agreement for communications contribution ;
  • Access to Ada X equipment as needed to complete task ;
  • Payment upon submission of files and invoice.

Please note: 

  • Artists in residence are first invited to select individuals for these contributor roles. Only if artists have not filled these roles will the Communications Coordinator contact the list of contributors.
  • If no one on the list meets the requirements or responds to the message, the communications coordinator will invite a person of their choice to carry out the task.
  • Ada X will update contributors’ contracts with the relevant information for the tasks required.
  • Ada X reserves the right to cancel the collaboration if the terms of the contract are not respected.


We have an additional budget for accessibility, this includes live translation, ASL interpretation, multilingual video captioning if outsourcing is required, and/or additional accommodation needs as described by the artist during the organisation of the event. Our call out will also aim to create a database of individuals and organisations that can help us accommodate the many needs of our community. If you have a certain skill that will help our events be as accessible as possible, we want to hear from you!

Editorial guidelines

Ada X seeks to encourage writing about the media arts by giving an author the opportunity to write a text about the practice of an artist presented as part of its annual programming.The text should present a brief overview of the artist’s practice and the project developed at Ada X, and should relate as much as possible to the center’s mandate.The format is 400 words maximum (including title and footnotes, if applicable). It includes a main text (350 words) and a short biography of the artist (30 words). The author must also provide a short biography about herself/himself (20 words – approx. 2 sentences maximum). A title must also be included. We’re looking for an informative text, a clever blend of accessibility and theoretical reflection. Formats to be avoided: poems, literary essays, reviews, first-person interviews. Before submitting the text, the author MUST contact the artist to validate the content. Ada X will edit and facilitate translate of the text into English and/or French.

Responsibilities of the videographer and/or photographer

The videographer/photographer must :

  • Be present at the artist interview and residency presentation (the videographer is not required to be present at the residency presentation);
  • Submit a copy of the documentation to the communications coordinator. The photographer must submit edited and selected photos, as well as the orginial files, The videographer must submit an edited and captioned video interview of approximately ~3 minutes;
  • Provide the necessary equipment for the filming, if required, in collaboration with Ada X ;
  • Provide an invoice and a specimen cheque to Ada X for payment.Ada X must:
  • Coordinate event documentation;
  • Provide the equipment necessary for the realization of the present contract (if necessary) ;
  • Send the filming plan with questions for the artist and videographer before the shooting date ;
  • Send the Ada X logo and other information necessary for editing. – Offer administrative services (photocopying, printing) as needed.

** All details of the tasks required will be specified in an e-mail when candidates are contacted to contribute and again in a contract when they are confirmed by the artist in residence and the Ada X team.

Volunteer / Internship

In order to remain consistent with our mandate, we have developed a list of essential principles that define our ethics in relation to internships and volunteers. With respect to labor standards, and for ethical reasons, we believe that all work deserves to be remunerated. Therefore, Ada X focuses on paid work internships that are part of an academic program (where the student has access to scholarships or credits, etc.) or any work program that offers a salary. However, we welcome volunteers as long as we can establish mutually beneficial conditions. Please note that we do not accept applications sent outside of our advertised hiring periods.