Wired Women S@lon 100 : Deep Screens



An evening of multimedia performance

Friday, Febuary 7th, doors at 7, show starts at 8
Studio XX (4001 rue Berri, espace 201)
Cost: $10 (free for Studio XX members)

Curator : Emily Pelstring

 “The performance series “Deep Screens” showcases live music/film/video acts that extend the screen into physical/virtual space through performance and formal interventions. This inaugural version of the series focuses on acts that use optical illusions, 3D animation, props, synthesizers and wicked tricks to expand screen planes and alter planes of consciousness.”



Leyla Majeri and Katherine Kline invoke the ritual of 16mm performance with homegrown organic screen-printed 16mm animation that is cast all over the space. Leyla manipulates a magic crystal in front of the projector beam while Katherine, the high-priestess of noise, provides a soundscape that synthesises the optical sound from the projector.

Visual artist Leyla Majeri and musician Katherine Kline have concocted many projects for sight and sound, including Headspace and Death Drive, two performative projects for rhythm synth, drumkit, puppets and costume. Most recently, they perform improvised screenings in the silent film style. Zodiacal Light is their most recent project in this vein. Performances include Transmodern Festival (Baltimore MD), End Tymes (Brooklyn, NY), Suoni Per Il Popolo and Mutek.


ALASKA B (of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan)

Alaska B makes heavy psych-metal percussion mantras IRL, accompanied by black and white video game apparitions, set inside of epic Manga-inspired sculptural illustrations.

Alaska B is a founding member of Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, an inter-media collective that uses visual art and music to explore its members’ diasporic cultural experiences as Asian-Canadians and members of First Nations. Through reference to a variety of cultural forms, the band shatters the comfort with which colonialist cultures have appropriated the image and art of Asian and First Nations peoples to assemble a unique hybrid form.  In live contexts, the collective presents this material amidst a theatrical fusion of the aesthetics of Japanese, Chinese, and First Nations’ mythology; black and white television; rock opera; and manga-influenced set design.


SABRINA RATTÉ / LE RÉVÉLATEUR (ex Godspeed! You Black Emperor)

Sabrina Ratté and Le Révélateur are the shimmering afterglow, combining Sabrina’s live video mixing with immersive ’70s sci-fi soundscapes. Sabrina uses analog synthesizer textures and paradoxical, 3D-modeled representations of space in unprecedented ways. This duo will bring you on a cosmic audiovisual journey that will leave you wondering where you are.

Le Révélateur started in 2008 as a solo venture for Montreal-based electronic musician Roger Tellier-Craig. It has since then expanded into an audio-visual duo with the inclusion of video artist Sabrina Ratté in 2010. Together they explore a common fascination for the combination of electronic image and sound, using a varying array of digital and analogue technologies. They have performed together at various festivals across North America and Europe, including On Land festival (San Francisco), Mutek (Montreal), Mutek.Mx (Mexico City), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Micro Mutek (Barcelona), Suoni per Il Popolo (Montreal), Send+Receive (Winnipeg), and Tone Deaf (Kingston).

Le Révélateur has released recordings on Root Strata (Motion Flares, 2010), Emeralds’ member Steve Hauschildt’s own Gneiss Things (Fictions, 2011), and NNA Tapes (Horizon Fears, 2012). Root Strata have also recently published a DVD entitled Fictions, a collection of all videos created by Sabrina Ratté for each composition featured on the LP of the same name.

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