Mouna Andraos

Designer Mouna Andraos deconstructs everyday electronic devices and experiences to discover how to reconstruct more efficient –or poetic– alternatives. Through open-source sharing of her research, Andraos works to demystify and disseminate technical knowledge, empowering consumers to customize and create technological experiences to fit their real, personal needs.

Mouna has also been working in web for almost a decade and her online work has won numerous recognitions ranging from Best of Show at the SXSW festival, Interactive prizes from Communication Arts magazine and ID magazine and a CyberLion in Cannes.

She holds a Master’s degree from New York University, where she also taught, and a Bachelor’s from Concordia University. She is also an alumni of Eyebeam’s R&D OpenLab in New York City. She lives and works in Montreal. Her work can be seen online at and

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