AGA 2021 | Become a Board member!

Annual General Meeting
Thursday, January 28th, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Online on Zoom | To register click here
Open to the public, everyone is welcome.

The general assembly of Ada X is an ideal moment to take part in the life of the centre, to discover upcoming initiatives, to become a member or to renew your membership status. In addition to presenting the budget and the financial statements, the meeting will give the members the opportunity to vote on the adoption of the new name, the update of the By-Laws, the adoption of the anti-harassment policy, as well as to elect four new Board members!

Call for Applicants to the Board of Administrators of Ada X

Ada X (FKA Studio XX) is looking for motivated, thoughtful candidates to join the Board of Administrators for the 2021-2022 year. Sitting on the Board of Administrators is a great opportunity to contribute to digital arts communities and enact the changes you want to see in local art scenes and beyond. We are currently exploring Slow Tech, a multi-year thematic cycle which examines technology’s relationships to environment, temporality, and interactions (See our programming for more details).

This is a particularly exciting time to join the Board. We have been reflecting on the Slow Tech thematic internally and re-examining the structures of the organization to better reflect our mandate and programming. We have just announced a new name that better suits the centre’s values: a multi-year process which started as an idea at the board level. We have been participating in anti-racism and anti-oppression training and hosting community events, and are committed to continually learning and re-thinking our horizontal structure. This upcoming year, board members will be able to contribute to crafting our Basis of Unity, Anti-Harassment Policies, and proposing projects to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ada X.

Ada X is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre engaged in exploration, creation, and critical reflection in media arts and digital culture. The centre supports the production and dissemination of work by women, queer, trans and/or non-binary artists. Ada X hosts residencies, workshops, discussions, exhibitions, performances and educational activities.

We are looking to fill four positions on the board:
– Treasurer
– Administrator x3

Experience and Qualifications:
– Be a member of Ada X (or become a member)
– Interest in digital arts and intersectional feminisms
– Experience or interest in non-profit organizations and horizontal governance
– Good understanding of French and English
– Experience in administration, finance, or accounting is an asset (for Treasurer)
– Available for about one meeting per month plus regular correspondence.

Ada X is committed to support continued learning within the team and the board through recurring training. The centre exists in its current form largely due to the work and contributions of artists, Board members, employees, members and collaborators who are racialized, disabled, queer, trans and/or non-binary. If you have any questions about our structure and the roles/responsibilities of the Board of Administrators, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Send a few sentences explaining why you are interested in joining our Board, a CV and/or a link to your website to prior to the General Assembly. Candidates will present themselves at the General Assembly on January 28, 2021. New board members will be voted in by the members of Ada X.

– Opening of the Assembly by the Board’s General Coordinator, nomination of the president and secretary of the assembly.
– Reading and adoption of the proposed agenda
– Reading and adoption of the minutes of the 2020 General Assembly
– Presentation and adoption of financial statements as at March 31, 2020
– Appointment of the Auditor for 2021-2022
– 2019-2020 Reports of the Board’s General Coordinator and the Administrative and Financial Coordinator
– Presentation of activities 2020-2021
– Proposal of the new name: Ada X
– Vote for the new name : Ada X
– Proposal to update the General By-Laws
– Vote on the update of the General By-Laws
– Anti-harassment policy proposal
– Anti-harassment policy vote
– Voting of the Complaints Committee members (one Board member, one team member, one member of Ada X)
– Nominations for the Board of Administrators
– Voting of the new Board members
– Varia
– Adjournment of the meeting