Annual General Assembly 2018


Studio XX will be hosting its annual general assembly on Thursday, January 24, 2019 6:30pm at 4001 rue Berri #201 in Montreal (metro Sherbrooke, 30 bus). For information about accessibility please refer to note at the end of this document.

The AGA is an ideal moment to hear from members. We invite you to share your suggestions, comments and reflections with us so that together we can continue to adapt the mission of Studio XX to the changing needs of the membership.

Please note that only current members (who have paid their membership fees) have the right to vote and to present their candidature for a position on the board of directors.You can become a member or renew your membership at the AGA or you can do this by clicking this link.

Looking forward to seeing you January 24!


Join the Board of Directors of a dynamic bilingual artist run centre dedicated to practices in media arts and digital culture*!

The Studio XX mandate is available here.

This year, Studio XX has three available seats on its board of directors.

The bilingual board governs the centre and its staff with an array of different expertise, knowledge of the cultural sector, and engagment in community activities. Being a member of the BOD requires attending the five (5) meetings per year as well as participating in at least one of the five (5) committees (programming, human resources, mediation, philanthropy, and web/communications). The committees hold at least one meeting per year outside of the BOD meetings, although this varies depending on the nature of the committee.

We strongly believe in a plurality of feminist expressions and the principles of inclusion and accessibility. Everyone is welcome to apply.


If you have any contraints or hesitations about submitting your candidacy, please freel free to contact us.

Interested in becoming a BOD member?

  • Priority to candidates who are artists; working in media arts and/or digital culture is an asset;
  • Previous board experience and knowledge of Robert’s Rules is an asset;
  • Previous experience working with not-for-profit/non-profit organizations, artist-run centres, horizontal structures, anti-oppressive frameworks and/or intersectional feminist structures is an asset;
  • Knowledge of current issues and advancements in technological arts communities, locally, nationally or internationally, is an asset;
  • A working knowledge of French and English is required, especially oral, and read (the board operates in both languages). Written French and English is an asset but not a requirement (one of the two is required for internal communication).

Sitting on the BOD is a non-remunerated position. Please note that Board members must provide their legal names for official documents (for legal/financial use only) but that chosen names will be the only ones appearing on any of the Studio XX public platforms and in all internal communications.

Appointed terms last for two (2) years, and a board member may sit on the board for a total of three (3) terms or six (6) years.

To submit your candidacy to the board of directors of Studio XX, you are required to be a member of the Studio (see the membership requirements and benefits here) and must send your CV (maximum two (2) pages) before January 23 (midnight) by email to dev [at]

Candidates are asked to prepare a 2-minute presentation for the membership in attendence addressing why you would like to join the BOD and what you will bring to the BOD.

For a candidature to be valid and eligible for election, the candidate’s presence is required at the general assembly on January 24 2019.
Annual General Assembly Agenda:

  • Opening of the assembly by the president of the board of directors, nomination of the president and secretary of the assembly
  • Reading and adoption of the proposed agenda
  • Reading and adoption of the minutes from the 2017 general assembly
  • Presentation and adoption of the financial report from March 31 2018
  • Nomination of the accountant for 2018-2019
  • 2017-2018 report from the president and general coordinator
  • Presentation of scheduled activities 2018-2019
  • Presentation of the strategic plan 2019-2022
  • Election
  • Miscellaneous
  • Adjournment of the assembly

*By digital culture, we are referring to digital literacy practices that contribute to the development of an informed awareness of the languages and possibilities offered by the use of technologies. These practices are deployed in the interest of democratization, empowerment, and independence that are in opposition to the relationship of consumption and control over populations that technologies and corporate Web giants wield.
The working languages of the AGA are both French and English. Seating will be available, light refreshments will be served and a projector will be in use for the duration of the meeting.

Accessibility note:

Studio XX is on the second floor of the 4001 building, which involves climbing three steps into the building and then a flight of stairs (with railings) to the second floor.

If any members wishing to attend require the use of the freight elevator, require whisper translation or have any other needs that we can help meet, please contact before January 23, 2019 so that we may coordinate these needs in advance.