Art Matters 2018: it’s all i have to bring today



Studio XX is happy to support its community, emerging artists, and their initiatives. It is in this spirit that we are welcoming the Art Matters Festival for another edition.

Artists: Audrey Bilodeau Fontaine, Alyse Tunnell, Carmen Fox, Danielle Beaudet, the Contractor, Meredith Parent-Delgadillo, Sophie Wonfor

Curator: Alisa Haugen-Strand

Vernissage: March 15th, at 19h
Exhibition: March 9th – March 24th
Opening hours: 
Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am–5pm
Thursday, 10am-7pm
Vendredi, 10am-7pm
Saturday, 11am-4pm
At Studio XX

Borrowing its title from the elusive Emily Dickinson, this exhibition brings together the diverse work of seven artists. Like her poetry, these works evolve as investigations of self, other and what lies between, exploring issues of isolation, struggle and emotionality. it’s all i have to bring today references an acceptance of weariness and need for self-preservation, challenging notions of contemporary productivity. From varying lived experiences, these artists come together in their search for comfort in discomfort, fullness in absence, strength in vulnerability. Thus, through the manipulation of the material world, they mediate new borders, creating space for stories which are less visible, or those which are simply more quiet in nature.

Performance schedule:
Danielle Beaudet – “I wish I had been breastfed but it wasn’t in fashion at the time”
Mar 10: 1pm-2pm
Mar 15 (vernissage): 7:30pm-8:30pm
Mar 17: 2pm-3pm
Mar 22: 6pm-7pm
Mar 24: 2-3pm

Image: Carmen Fox