Call for Proposals | Programming 2017-2018 : DISLOCATIONS


Experiences of dislocation typify the contemporary moment. In the context of globalization, capital, culture, goods, information, and people move from one place to another. Subjects travel metaphorically and geographically for various reasons: for leisure or necessity, and because of wars, international and national policies, and natural disasters. Taking the general meaning of dislocation as being “out of place” from or “being outside” of a primary location, position, or state, Studio XX welcomes proposals that explore material and metaphorical forms of dislocation in playful, critical, and speculative ways.

In the context of the celebrations being held for  Montréal’s 375th anniversary in 2017, we invite proposals that investigate how the geographical and physical space of Montreal as an unceded territory is the site of different experiences and stories. Interpreted in this way, it can inspire a sense of home for some people, while simultaneously inspiring a sense of hostility and threat/unease for others. We especially welcome proposals that reflect on the role of media and technology (i.e. mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles with deadly capacities) in redefining the notions of location, dislocation, and presence.



  • feminist debates around a politics of location and dislocation;
  • self-reflective, autobiographical accounts on belonging or not belonging;
  • explorations of  borders, displacements, and mobility;
  • critical insights into the notion of “being out of place” in relation to white European settlers in Canada and/or Montreal;
  • dislocation as a critique of  various homes, identities and discourses of fixed origins;
  • references to negative connotations of geographical displacement: deportation, expulsion, being thrown out of a place;
  • processes through which identity comes into being in relation to physical locations or dislocations;
  • love/hate relationships with locative technologies;
  • the anxiety of “being out of place” in social media;
  • new media and technologies’ role in creating memories, senses of belonging and identity;
  • dislocation as a common experience for non-heteronormative or “able” bodies in tangible buildings as well as online;
  • redefinitions of the notion of presence; for instance, the idea of being present in relation to role of immersive and augmented reality technologies (i.e. Pokemon Go).



Participants may present proposals for Exhibitions, Workshops, or a One-day Event/Activity

Examples of proposals for exhibitions: net art, audio and electronic art, interactive pieces, radio art, video art, installation, locative media, game art, augmented reality, bio art, public interventions, open source and community-based practices.

Examples of a One-day Event/Activity: conversation, roundtable discussion, or performance.

We seek propositions inspired by (but not limited to) feminism, critical race studies, cyberfeminism, disability and queer studies.
Submissions will be accepted in either English or French.
Studio XX welcomes project proposals from self-identified women, trans, and/or gender fluid artists, curators, activists, collectives, and organizations.



Studio XX offers artist fees based on the CQAM grid.
Selected projects receive artistic and technical support (to be defined according to each project and available resources).

* Please note this is not a call for projects that require production support.Works submitted must be ready for presentation.

Before submitting a project proposal, applicants are strongly encouraged to consult Studio XX’s mandate, submission guidelines and gallery plans.



To submit a proposal to Studio XX, send the application in a .zip or .pdf file (max. file size 5 MB) to programmation @, by October 20 2016, at midnight.
Please download and complete the application form and include the required documents.

Subject line: Proposals programming 2017-2018
Deadline for submission: October 20 2016

Incomplete or late applications will be not be considered. All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt. Selected participants will be notified in January 2017.
For questions and further inquiries, please contact us at info @