Commission: Digital Autonomy and Activism


Digital Autonomy and Activism :: Multimedia design on Linux :: with The GIMP, Blender 3D, Ardour and Pure data

Selected participants completed a series of workshops based on open source tools for artists including The GIMP, Blender 3D, Ardour and PureData, all while learning to maneuver though the Linux operating system. Participants acquired the solid technical foundation necessary to develop their multimedia artwork whether their concept was based in sound, moving images, interactivity, physical computing or other experimental practices.

The workshops also serve to familiarize participants with online resources such as IRC, user group forums and technical mailing lists in an effort to provide the skills necessary to become more autonomous users of free tools for artistic creation and to encourage contribution and exchange with open source communities on the Internet.

The resulting artwork use one or a combination of the programs taught during the workshop. A selection of the best works was presented at Studio XX at the Journées de la culture 2008.