Expand or Contract the Universe | Constanza Camelo


In 2005, Constanza Camelo took the standard training course for the visually handicapped offered by the Mira Foundation. This instruction enabled her to discover the primary reflex mechanisms for getting around with a guide dog. She conceived the project Expand or Contract the Universe as a result of this experience.

The aim of this project is to explore how the process of perception as well as visual and motor representation, express the various levels of adaptation to the new host area. This approach will show the territorial occupations communicated by the symbolically “handicapped” migrant.

Immigrants are part of the performance piece. A video and interactive graphic component will be incorporated. This residence at Studio XX will also be an opportunity for Constanza to explore interactivity with the Arduino microcontroller.

Wednesday, May 7th 12:45PM
Corridor: Sortie St-Denis / de Maisonneuve
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Constanza Camelo‘s work is essentially based on territorial occupations through the body in performance art, video performance and installAction. The body — object and subject — explores interactions between different transdisciplinary postures during different ephemeral cohabitations of public and private spaces.

In addition, C. Camelo is a cofounder of the artist collective We are not Speedy Gonzales, collective who creates situations around the dynamics of the transcultural identity. She is also a board member of the artist’s run center DARE DARE. She lectures at the Université du Québec à Montréal.