Digital Storytelling – Multimedia production for Multiplatform distribution


Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, January 31 to March 20, 2012
8 weeks (24 hours)
230$ + Studio membership $50 – prices include taxes

Participants will learn theoretical and practical skills on how to construct powerful short stories through the use of digital video, audio and photos as well as exploring the potential for interactivity.

We will focusing on the art of combining elements to create compelling and original narratives in the tradition of digital storytelling.

The workshop will offer participants a flexible approach to digital media production while integrating multiple tools for disseminating artworks and life stories over multiple platforms.

All participants will have access to a simple-to-use mutifunctional recording device (Kodak’s Zi8 pocket HD Camera) to record and create, as well as a choice of editing software at Studioxx’s Mac lab.

Minimum 10 participants. Price will be adjusted if this minimum is not reached. This course will be taught in English by a bilingual teacher.