Generative 3D modeling with Blender


With Anna Eyler 
Friday  April 19 from 6 to 9 PM, saturday april 20 and sunday april 21 2024 from 10 am 1 pm and 2pm to 5 pm (15 hours total)
135$ (tax included) *
10 participants maximum
Workshop facilitated by bilingual instructor
At Ada X

How can generative systems iterate new shapes and create unexpected combinations of elements? How can we create systems to produce meaningful forms rooted in human experience? And how can we think more flexibly about digital design to increase its capacity as a means of communication?

Digital software offers us a profound capacity for mutability, but we often find ourselves reflecting the constraints of the material world, limiting our creations to singular forms (the “digital art object”). This hand-on workshop explores the notions of flexibility and iteration through an exploration of procedural systems in the open-source 3D modeling software, Blender. Participants will learn the basics of 3D modeling and texturing with a focus on generative processes using Blender’s node-based systems. The benefit of flexible systems for artists lies not only in their ability to iterate and explore design, but also in how they recognize the decisions and parameters that influence creative processes. During the workshop, participants will first explore non-destructive modeling processes using modifiers. They will then be introduced to the procedural system of geometric nodes. Participants will be invited to design their own procedural model, which will be shared with the group on the last day of the workshop. Throughout the workshop, discussions about the work of contemporary 3D artists will support software explorations.

Specific objectives:

  • Explore the open-source Blender software;
  • Become familiar with contemporary artistic practices in computer-generated images (3D);
  • Experiment with generative/procedural 3D systems;
  • Develop new working methods for iterative design and creative exploration;
  • Learn the basics of materials, lighting and image rendering;
  • Design (model and texture) a unique generative 3D model using either (a) node-based systems or (b) non-destructive systems which will be shared with peers during the workshop.


  • Be an artist, creator or professional cultural worker
  • Commit to being present at all stages of the workshop

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