Hawabécédaire.org is a project proposed by Studio XX, addressed to women originally from Maghreb and currently living in Montreal. It is a workshop conceived around a Web project, which allows us to create bonds between the words of women living on three continents: here in Montreal, in Marseille and Paris (France), and in Algiers (Algeria).

Conceived by a group of North African women from Marseille, HAWA moves on to Montreal. The focus of the project will be to elaborate an alphabet primer. Presented as a blog, the participants will be able to express themselves in an open fashion, publish and share their thoughts and reflections on the Internet, vent their concerns or confide their joys. This context will also allow the participants to tackle sensitive subject matter and to explore the different approaches reflecting the life situations of the participants.

This workshop is as much an introduction to sound practices as an apprenticeship of the open source software SPIP, a tool that non-specialists can use to easily manage a dynamic (interactive) Web site.