Introduction to DJing with DJ Ipek


Tuesday March 7th 2017 from 6PM to 9PM
$15 (free for Studio XX members, members of the Friends of Goethe Institut and the students of Goethe Institut).

Studio XX is pleased to welcome DJ Ipek for a DJ workshop. Presented by the Goethe Institut, this 3 hours introduction is designed for participants who want to learn basic principles related to DJing.

  • The overall dramaturgy of the Dj: How to find the first sound? How to set the speed? How is the prelude?
  • Structure of tracks Intro, main, break, outro
  • Beat-mixing, Scratching, Digital DJ and CD mixing
  • Dealing with vinyl Technical handling of turntables (CD players)
  • Connecting DJ DJing
  • Setting up and preparing the DJ settings
  • Basic knowledge of the CD player and Djaying with CDs
  • Headphones technology
  • Mixing techniques
  • Tips for creating technical riders and biographies
  • “Survival” techniques.

Based between Berlin and Istanbul, queer-living DJ, producer and curator DJ İpek İpekçioğlu has an established reputation across nightlife scenes worldwide. She has performed her music at the Glastonburry, Fusion, Sziget, At.tension, Berlin Festival and many more international electronic and world music festivals. Ipek has been creating a buzz amongst international crowds from ShangHai to the desert Sahara of Mali, developing an exclusive brand name with her unique & hybrid Soundmix and she regarded is one of the most popular DJ of the Berlin club scene and internationally as known as Queen of Eklektik BerlinIstan.

Ipek focuses on contemporary, everyday socio-political issues and transports those issues into her music. And she is an active member of female:pressure.  Ipek has a political agenda related to womyn, immigrant and queer issues. In all musical events she has curated and participated in, she maintains a principle of cultural diversity.

Besides all these activities Ipek shares her knowledge in DJ-workshops for female participants.

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