From May to July 2021
At the Botanical Garden

Ada X supports community-based projects that are related to its mandate and the theme of its programming on an ad hoc basis. The “sympoiesis of an ambulatory reading circle” was proposed by Gisèle Trudel and Susan Turcot, with the complicity of Sylvie Laplante and Émilie Mouchous, and was realized in partnership with MÉDIANE – Canada Research Chair in Arts, Ecotechnologies of Practice and Climate Change (dir. Gisèle Trudel), with support from SSHRC, CFI and FRQSC. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s Staying With the Trouble, the participants created a series of sound works during the workshop.


From the artists: “This ambulatory reading circle follows processual paths to induce a multitude of moments of sharing. The first meeting took place under the sign of walking, solo and in a group, listening activated by the soles of the feet, Haraway’s words seeping into ears and the spatiotemporality of the Botanical Garden. The next audio rendezvous with each participant, connecting/ed to a moment of life and  took place outdoors near rocks, bodies of water, seeds, insects, leafy ground, or wastelands to a moment and life, took place outdoors, in other places, near rocks, bodies of water, insects or wastelands. The one-take recordings are accompanied by more-than-human and sometimes human voices, that solicit active sounding of thought in motion, and the surprising force of listening from-with-in bodies and situations.”

Participants  : Amélie Brindamour, Mona El Husseini, Sylvie Laplante, catherine lejeune, chantal t paris, Speranza Spir, Susan Turcot, Chesley Walsh
Outdoor recordings and sound editing : Émilie Mouchous, assisted by Sylvie Laplante
Sound mixing : Stéphane Claude at OBORO’s Sound Studio
Web integration : Stéphanie Lagueux, Ada X