le corps indice | Isabelle Choinière


Isabelle Choinière’s residence is about the development and perfecting of a sound-space process. The project’s goal is to connect the movement of sound with the choreographic concept that deals with the presence of the body as an interconnected human form. This form will be readable using a “live” interactive system, which uses natural acoustic and electromagnetic phenomena around us. The choreographic concept concerns the influence that rhythmic and spatial body movement has on the response of an amplified environment. Studio XX’s mobility theme is reflected in the work, which is based on intercommunication between body movement, the reaction of surrounding natural phenomena and their transformations.

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Érotisme, sacré et philosophies de la physique moderne ; le corps comme catalyseur du sens :: by Isabelle Choinière


Isabelle Choinière studied Fine Art with a specialization in choreography at Concordia University. Since 1984, she has been interested in the hybridization of the languages of dance and digital art. She has been recognized, since her first presentation (Communion) as a pioneer and avant-gardist. Isabelle Choinière has developed a specific language in order to explore the physical and psychic limits of the natural body and the synthetic body. Her refined performances integrate a reflection on time and space and what emerges is an increased conception of the body.