An opportunity to better understand gender inequality issues in urban spaces

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, 6 PM to 8 PM @Studio XX

The Consulate General of France in Quebec City and Studio XX (a Montreal-based feminist art centre) will present “Le genre à l’épreuve de la ville” [Gender in the City], an open meeting dedicated to discussing the place that gender occupies in urban spaces: what influence do cities have on gender inequalities and how can we make our cities more inclusive spaces?

This conference, led by journalist Judith Lussier, will involve contributions from Arnaud Alessandrin, a French sociologist specializing in gender and discrimination, Ianna Book, a Montreal-based artist-activist and Kathryn Travers, general director of Femmes et villes international (FVI).

These different points of view will offer avenues for reflection and opportunities to make change so that researchers, citizens’ initiatives, artists and politicians can work together to reduce these inequalities.

“Gender in the City” is part of the 2017 programming of the “Science and Society Series: Reinventing Cities”, which was set in motion by the Consulate General of France in Quebec City and the Institut Français.

This event will be followed by an informal discussion period between members of the public and the speakers.

* The conference room can only be accessed by staircase.


About the Science and Society Series: Reinventing Cities

Decoding societal issues and promoting discussions between researchers: this is the objective of the Science and Society Series. Through these meetings, conferences, debates, and interactive workshops, the Consulate General of France in Quebec City and its partners invite you to reflect on changes in our society. Artists, public figures, and experts from France and Quebec will take part in these discussions in order to compare their different perspectives. This year’s Science and Society Series programming is focused on cities.


Image : Martine Frossard