No Me Demoro | Laura Caraballo [DS4Y Residency]


No Me Demoro is an interactive virtual space that will be designed using 3D modelling and VR simulation, encapsulating the experience of growing up in a Colombian household in the 2000s. Through iconic pop culture objects and sounds of the time, the public will navigate through the character of a little girl. Players will freely move between rooms to observe and interact with attitude-informed objects and people, setting off a series of text and sound cues, aiding to transport them into an amusing and rich memory. 

Prompted by the never-ending nostalgia of the immigrant experience and heightened by the architectural similarities between Bogota and Montreal, No Me Demoro was born from the emotion of yearning for a place one cannot revisit. The virtual simulation will seek to create a space for Colombians to interact (from anywhere in the world) with elements of our shared experience to connect, remember, and reflect on our memories. 

This residency opportunity is presented as part of the “Digital Skills for Youth” program coordinated by the Independent Media Arts Alliance and funded by the Government of Canada.