Proscenium | Allyson Packer + Jesse Fisher


Video presentation + discussion
With Allyson Packer + Jesse Fisher
Thursday, January 27th, from 7 to 8 pm
Online | Register via this link

How do we cultivate slower, more intentional approaches to our virtual spaces? This winter, Ada X is presenting a series of online events exploring the place of embodied experience in our hyperconnected lives.

Intended to be viewed on a personal device, Proscenium is a video that explores the collapse of “real” and virtual space. Replicating the appearance of a desktop with clips playing simultaneously in multiple windows, when viewed within the personal space of the viewer’s laptop the video is designed to engage their embodied responses, in order to examine a third location between familiar virtual spaces and our physical embodied reality. This work proposes an alternative to the myths of a “race towards progress”. As we undergo a rapid virtualization of our relationships to institutions, workplaces, and each other, we have also seen the rise of an attendant myth that our bodies and physical locations are less relevant than ever before. By using formal filmmaking techniques to reawaken the viewer’s physical awareness, the video proposes that embodied experience is actually essential to developing a slower, more deliberate approach to the virtual spaces quickly becoming a primary location for everyday experience. The video presentation will be followed by a discussion moderated by Alanna Thain.

Image: courtesy of the artists