QT.bot | Lucas LaRochelle – Residency Presentation


QT.bot | Lucas LaRochelle
Residency presentation 
Thursday, December 12th, 2019 
5 pm – 8 pm
At Studio XX

As part of its Slow Tech programming, Studio XX welcomes Lucas LaRochelle, in residency from November 1st to December 13. They are developing “QT.bot”, an artificial intelligence trained on the textual and visual data of Queering The Map, a community-generated mapping platform of 80 000+ stories of LGBTQ2+ experience, that produces an endless stream of speculative queer futures.

We invite you to discover the work they did during their residency on Thursday, December 12 at Studio XX.

1-5pm – Speculative Storytelling with Machine Learning – Workshop
5pm – Vernissage
6:30pm – Performance-lecture with Rouzbeh Shadpey
FREE. Food and refreshments on site 🥂

About QT.bot :

“The lucidity of queer story perhaps does not need to exist as a ubiquitous truth, but rather as a mechanism of making visible the intimacy and absurdity of collective world-building, both by humans and artificial intelligences. Imagining the traversal of queer spaces, physical and digital, how can we mediate, maintain, and assess a relationship between lived experience and the propagation of machine generated LGBTQ2+ auto-narratives?”

Sound design: Rouzbeh Shadpey
GAN programming: Mattie Tesfaldet

READ MORE : bit.ly/2Dilqmc
ACCESSIBILITY INFO : bit.ly/34ng7xr