recycleamour | Chantal duPont


Dates: January 2006
Length : 8 weeks
Format: interactive website

Graphic Design: Patrick Bérubé

The interactive website project was initiated in 2002 with the collaboration of Élisabeth Wörle and with funding support from Hexagram. The project goals were to develop a website to archive and recycle users’ love stories, as well as to develop a collaborative scripting model in the creation of new, narrative, audiovisual forms.

The metaphor of the cemetery as a place of memory is used to collect and store data (love stories). The circulation of data (texts, sounds and images: photo, video, film) that are collected and recycled as archives are organized according to a nonlinear, interactive narrative logic. Towards artistic ends, the recycling of personal archival documents that are gathered from interactions with users allows for experimentation with new collaborative forms in audiovisual authoring online.

Chantal duPont is a multidisciplinary artist in Media art who has participated for the past 30 years in numerous international video art festivals, as well as in individual and collective exhibitions in Canada and abroad. Her artwork is mainly based on identity, memory, autobiography and new forms of narratives related to audio-video practices and new media. She is presently developing an interactive model of audio-video script writing from documents collected on the WEB. Her latest online artwork is based on the process of archiving and recycling love stories from WEB surfers as a mean of interactive script writing. In her video practice of installation, she combines moving images, sound, photographic archives and fragments of stories that question the space between reality and fiction. Body language is also part of her approach to video writing.