Studio XX’s Xth! 10 years to celebrate!


Come celebrate with the women that participated in making Studio XX a unique space for creation, training, reflection and dissemination in technological arts.

*On wednesday, April 26th 2006, 5.30pm-8pm… &+*

Studio XX’s Xth! All are invited to Studio XX’s party X! A couple of launches are opening the event, such as a presentation of the Studio’s new website as well as the 6th issue (entitled “Women and Creativity”) of our electronic periodical .dpi which will feature various aspects of women movements within the world of artist-run centres and, of course, cyberspace! The celebration will also echo the issue as several founders of Studio XX will be present at the party. Not forgetting the Meta femmes br@nchées with the intriguing David Still and…. cake, good ambiance, and DJs! Open to all. Free admission./