The Audio Frenzy of Zoé T. | Martine H. Crispo


The Audio Frenzy of Zoé T. is an installation consisting of six ‘generators’ which use a graphic/luminosity process based on the ‘audio sound’ principle of the first films.

A film (drawing) is inserted inside each of the six motor-activated generator-cylinders. Behind each drawing is placed a photoelectric cell which captures the light pulsations through the lines of the drawing and transforms them into light and sound signals. The light pulsation is transformed into an audio sequence emitted in a loop from a speaker. Each generator contains its own distinct imagery and the juxtaposition of six different sound loops creates unpredictable rhythms and moods. A more complex audio treatment consisting of various digital effects (granular synthesis, delays etc) will be elaborated using software such as MAX/MSP or Pure Data (to be determined). This installation will use Arduino microcontrollers to activate the cylinders.

Martin H. Crispo (Montréal)
For nearly 25 years, Martine H. Crispo has worked as a sound artist, improviser and musician, presenting live radiophonic performances, creating sound installations and playing the ukulele. She participated in the University of Montreal’s Balinese Gamelan Ensemble (90-96) and was a member of the Orchestre Velo (92-98). Since 1986, she has hosted a live music show on local Montreal stations CIBL, CINQ and currently, CKUT, where her radiophonic pieces can be heard biweekly on her show Chaud pour le Mont-Stone. These days, she can be found tinkering in her studio and experimenting with new modes of generating sound by modifying the circuits of vintage electronic educational toys. Most recently, she has begun fabricating electronic circuits that create music by triggering motors, electro-magnets, solenoids and other objects in motion.

Her sound performances and installations have been presented at galleries and festivals in Canada, the United States, and in Europe, including the International Performance Festival Odense, Denmark; the Avignon Festival in France; and the Bent Festival in New York. Locally, she has performed at Mutek, Suoni Per Il Popolo, the Galerie B-312 and most recently, the MoisMulti MM10 in Quebec City. She just returned from a residency at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow with support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.