The Onion Router | Magali Babin


Dates: mid-november 2007 to end of January 2008
Length: 8 weeks
Format: thematic residency

Magali Babin is a well-known Montreal sound artist, admired for her delicate and minimalistic style.

During her residency, Magali will set-up her technical playstation for a future audio and visual interactive performance, inspired by TOR. TOR (The Onion Router) is a decentralized network enabling the user to render internet connections anonymous through an onion router technique (via superimposition). Conceptually, Magali questions the relationship to intimacy, both within a technological context or a public environment. Her residency will allow her to become familiar with Pure Data software which will be used to create an interactive environment. This research project will result in a working set-up for further experimentation regarding surveillance techniques, simulation concepts and technological hoaxes.

Magali will present the results of her research as a live performance in the near future. Stay tuned…!

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abat-jour, braise, cadeau, dents, eau, filles, grenouilles, housse, ipéca, jambes, k7, lave-glace, marche, neige, os, peau, quincaillerie, radio, salive, tissus, utérus, viande, watts, xylophone, yeuse, zinc.


apple, bee, caviar, disk, echo, friends, gum, hockey, icicle, jeans, kleenex, light, money, nature, orange, plates, quire, rice, slat, television, umbrella, vomit, walkie-talkie, xerox, young men, zoom distortion.

« Between my hands a banal object, usual, a road to scan with the ear. Tourist of my day-to-day life, little movements make me hear the places of a new sonic geography » Magali Babin

La musicalité de Magali se démarque par l’expression des extrêmes sonores; du minimal strident au noïse planant.

«… Exploring the microcosm of metallic objects that she makes vibrating, Magali creates in a same gesture a music as much minimalist as géant. » Productions SuperMusique