Video Mapping: Video Integration in 3D Space


Photo : Allison Moore

With Allison Moore
Friday, February 16th from 6pm to 9pm, Saturday, February 17th and Sunday, February 18th 2024 from 12pm to 6pm (15 hours total)
135$ (tax included) *
10 participants maximum
Workshop given by a bilingual instructor
At Ada X

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This hands-on workshop will introduce you to video mapping techniques using the projection mapping software Madmapper. This software is often used in media arts and in the theatre for projecting video footage onto a variety of forms and surfaces. By adapting projections to specific spaces, participants will be able to combine recorded and live footage in real time. First, they will develop a project based on process mapping and examples of video creation. Secondly, they will create a projection model based on prior examples and influences. Lastly, participants will use the tools they have learned to research and develop their own project which will be presented on the last day of the workshop.

The necessary equipment (computer, MadMapper license and projector) is provided for each participant.


  • Explore MadMapper software ;
  • Discover the work of artists doing video mapping;
  • Become familiar with project management methods used in video mapping (technical constraints, necessary equipment, gallery or building projection);
  • Create or edit a video as part of a video mapping project;
  • Explore different textures/ materials and their interaction with light, using projectors;
  • Make a model as part of a video mapping research project that will be presented to the group on the last class.


  • Be an artist, creator, cultural worker or professional
  • Be present for throughout the whole duration of the formation

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