Residency Call Form

    ◦ Completed application form (Studio XX’s mandate must be reflected in the proposal)
    ◦ Curriculum Vitae
    ◦ Audiovisual support material of the applicant’s work (maximum :10 images; 5 video or audio clips of 3 minutes or less (via url links)

    Please note that Studio XX’ selection committee has a limited amount of time to review each submission.

    Ensure that all fields of this form are completed; present your information in a clear manner, keeping in mind that there is a limited time allotted to reviewing your proposal.
  • 100 characters maximum
  • 100 characters maximum
  • e.g. initial-research phase, production, postproduction, expansion of previous project
  • 500 words maximum
  • Materials needed for producing your work
  • Laptops, projectors, speakers, lights, etc.
  • *Please revise Studio XX’s floor plan and keep in mind the space is NOT suited for dance projects and/or sound projects that require a quiet area.
  • Help for set-up, additional people needed for presentation/performance, etc. 

  • If applicable, please indicate if you have access to funding for your project.
  • 100 words maximum
  • Please provide audiovisual material of proposed project as well as recent works, in attachment. The description of the material should at least include the following information for each item: title, location (venue, city, country), year.

    Images, audio and/or video files: up to 10 images, up to 5 video or audio excerpts of 3-minutes or less (via url links). Please provide password(s), if applicable.
  • Attachments

    Please provide the following documents along with the completed application form:
    - Curriculum Vitae
    - Supporting documents (see above)

    Please send the application package enclosed in a zip or pdf file (max. file size 5 MB) to

    Subject line: Artist Residency
    Deadline for submission:  October 15th of each year at midnight (Montreal time)

    Please note that incomplete submissions or received after the deadline will not be considered.
    Applicants will get a confirmation of receipt.
    Studio XX will notify selected participants within 3 months following the submission deadline.

    For questions and further inquiries, please contact us: 

    Thank you for your interest in Studio XX!