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March 22, 2022

Titre forgé : Press Release | Femmes Br@nchées #36

Press release for the 36th Femmes Br@nchées: Art et Activisme, which took place on April 27th 2001.

In the first part, Laiwan presented Quartet, which played with the notion of the new millennium and uses 16mm film, musical improvisation, performance, installation, computer and the Internet.
In the second part, activists who participated in the People’s Summit in Quebec City came to talk about their experience: Netami Stuart, from the Bikesheviks Vélorévolutionnaires, a representative of salAMIelles as well as Elvira Truglia, Gabreila Mayorquin and Oana Spinu from AMARC.

Support: invitation
Medium: electronicprint
Physical Description: PDF file of a scanned document / written in english and french

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