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January 14, 2015

Titre forgé : 20150114.mp3

XX Files radio show. Warnings about very poor weather quality. Introduction to this and future shows which will feature content created through the HTMlles and Afrofuturistic experiences for Black History Month. An interview with Sharrae Lion conducted by Steph during the the Afrofuturism round table for the HTMlles festival, in which Sharrae shares her definition of Afrofuturism and discusses her Alien Nation project. She discusses alienation, which transcends various elements, and the correlation with migration and the focus on internal power. The hosts and Sharrae give their impressions of what an alien nation would consist of. Sharrae concludes with her vision of the future. The show ends with the beginning of Gaia’s Awakening, part of Sharrae’s project.

Support: Digital Multimedia
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