Alexandra Haché

Alexandra Haché is a sociologist, PhD in social economy and a researcher on ICT for the public good. She has ended a post-doctoral position for the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies where she has been developing research in support of policy making in the field of eInclusion. She has also worked on the impact of social computing and Web 2.0 on civil society potential for self-organisation and social innovation and on sustainability models for Open Education. In 2006, she ended a PhD in social economics untitled “The counterglobalisation movement versus Information and Communication Technologies: Uses, Values and Practices on contemporaneous activism”. Since 2004, she has been involved in the use and development of free software tools for social and political transformation within neighbourhood communities, engaged research networks, social movements, immigrant teenagers and women groups. She has been contributing to the design of those tools by producing research, improving the software usability and by providing training. She is involved with the development of, a free, federated and self-managed social network site used by thousands of collectives engaged with social economy and political transformation mainly located in spain and america latina.