An Laurence 安媛

An Laurence, membre du collectif Torrents - Artiste en résidence chez Ada X, centre d'artistes féministe.

An Laurence 安媛 is a Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal-based musician and composer (guitar/vocals) active in the contemporary/experimental music scene, a curator in music and visual arts, and performance/multimedia artist.

Her eclectic debut album “Almost Touching” (2022), distributed by people | places | records, has been described as displaying “a graceful vulnerability that transforms [the] compositions into a powerful suite of emotive manifestations” (Foxy Digitalis), “a demanding listen … never less than engaging” (The Whole Note), where An Laurence “displays her willingness to dive headfirst along each pathway she chooses to explore” (Musicworks magazine).

In 2022, she curated the exhibition “How far can we see within?” for La Centrale, and in 2023 the concert “Do you have a minute?” for Groupe Le Vivier at Théâtre La Chapelle. Later, she launches the album “All we’re made of is borrowed” as the Paramorph Collective. In 2023-2024, she will be a writer-storyteller for La Quadrature, and curator for the Maison de la Culture de Verdun Quai 5160.

Her work has been presented by the Quartier des spectacles, Accès Asie, Théâtre La Chapelle, Groupe Le Vivier, the Music Gallery, Phenomena, No Hay Banda, Oh! my ears, Lucky Penny Opera/re:Naissance opera, Chinatown Biennial, Montreal’s maison de la culture, Athens Digital Arts, Tranås at the Fringe, Codes d’accès, among others.
IG : an_laurence_