Charline Dally

Charline Dally was trained in visual arts at UQAM (Montreal), in graphic design at the Boulle and Olivier de Serres schools (Paris) and in self-hypnosis as a creative tool at Gaïté Lyrique (Paris). Through her practice, she proposes reflections on the perception of reality – especially on the redefinition of boundaries between body and environment, human and non-human, self and otherness. By exploring the phenomenon of perceptual thresholds, she encourages states of attention. Her works are an invitation to slowness as an act of resistance to the hyperactivity of the world. Using the qualities of video, writing and painting, she aims to soften the gaze in order to make it evolve beyond the surface that holds it. Her work has been presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto); Eastern Bloc, Perte de signal, MUTEK, Galerie de l’UQAM, Place des Arts (Montreal); 12×12 festival (Paris); Young International Art Fair (Brussels).