Dina Kelberman

Dina Kelberman was born in 1979 in Annapolis; she lives and works in Baltimore. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Purchase College in New York (2003). Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions at the Marina Abramović Institute in New York (2015), the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne (2015), the CUE Art Foundation in New York (2014), the Broadcast Posters in Lyon (2014), Night Contact in London (2013), the Furthermore Gallery in Washington, D.C. (2013), the New Museum in New York (2013), the Screengrab New Media Arts Award Exhibition in Australia (2012), the Maryland Film Festival (2012), and the Double Double Land in Toronto (2010), among others. Kelberman was the recipient of the Rhizome Tumblr Internet Art Grant in 2013 and was a finalist for the Screengrab New Media Art Awards in 2012. She was artist in residence for Electric Objects (2014).