Erica Priggen

As the head of Free Range Studios’ video and entertainment department, Erica Priggen oversees the creative and strategic development of all of the company’s video campaigns.

With a Master’s in Consciousness Studies, she brings a deep study of sustainability and systems thinking to her work, with a concentration on the importance of storytelling and mythology as tools for cultural transformation. She believes that film is one of the most effective ways to inspire people to action. Her years of experience in live-action and animation production (commercials, television and features), combined with her love of the creative process, allows her to work on meta level messaging with a groundedness in what it takes bring a piece of media to its most impactful manifestation.

Erica is the producer of Free Range’s award-winning The Story of the Stuff, as well as other hits such as, The Good Life, and the Alliance for Climate Education’s national high school assembly program. When she is not making Free Range films, you can find her outdoors and enjoying being an amateur beekeeper… completely awed by the wisdom and elegance of nature’s creations.