Eva Quintas

After studies in literature and photography, she has participated since 1990 in numerous exhibitions in Quebec, Mexico and Europe. Her current work is divided among her personal projects which revisit travel photography and her collaboration on a literary and multi-media photo-novel, Liquidation, that she has been developing since 1994 with the writer Michel Lefebvre (http://www.AgenceTopo.qc.ca/liquidation). In 1997 she began exploring the creative possibilities of the Internet through the creation of the web episodes of Liquidation as well as participation in the production of various cultural cyber-reports.

A member of the Montreal photographer’s collective Atelier Fovea, in 1993 she also founded l’Agence TOPO, a organization dedicated to the promotion of all forms of photography. With TOPO, in 1999 she headed FiXions, a project bringing together 10 photographers and authors for the production of 5 photo-novels on the Web (http://www.AgenceTopo.qc.ca/fixions).

For ISEA/The Inter-Society of Electronic Art she developed the “Afrique virtuelle francophone” project, one of the components of which was a series of Internet workshops with artists from Dakar in February 1999 (http://www.isea.qc.ca/africa). In January 2000 she participated in the “Festival de l’Eau”, a collective production in Burkino Faso involving a dozen international artists around the connections between traditional and electronic arts.