Francine Dagenais

Writer, theorist, curator, historian and art critic, Francine Dagenais has worked in visual arts for over ten years. Her essays, articles and reviews have been published in numerous specialized art publications including Artforum, Canadian Art, C Magazine, CV Photo, Parachute et Vie des Arts. She has also worked as an announcer at Radio Canada and CBC. Her research is centered around women artists, media arts, the body and virtual reality. Ordinatrices, a project produced in 1999, featured conferences at McGill University as well as two exhibitions (Web and CD-Rom). A text on this event will be published this year in Textura, an anthology published by La Centrale. At the request of ISEA, and in collaboration with Sylvie Parent, she organized two Canadian media arts panels discussions for Cartographies 1999. She is presently preparing an archiving project for media arts produced in the seventies. Francine Dagenais lives and works in Montreal.