Hélène Prévost

Sound artist, musician, radio producer, Hélène Prévost has devoted her professional career to recording and broadcasting new music, musique actuelle, and experimental music. She produced and hosted several radio programs at Radio-Canada between 1978 and 2007, such as Musique Actuelle and Navire «Night». She has initiated radio and web-based projects, and has coordinated the artistic participation of Radio-Canada’s radio to major festivals such as FIMAV, Mutek, Montréal Musiques Actuelles, and projects like the Harbour Symphonies and Silophone. While engaged in her radio career, she was also working on composition and sonic experimentation, which have now become her main activity.

Since 2006, Prévost has taken part to several solo, collective, and CD projects that have allowed her to further explore and develop her own instrument, a cross between a radio studio and a laboratory designed to confront sounds and electricity. She has documented aspects of her audio art craft and shared her views on listening in papers published in Circuit, Esse, Artexte, and Musicworks.