Katherine Liberovskaya

Katherine Liberovskaya is a Montreal-born professional multidisciplinary artist who has been working predominantly in experimental video and multimedia since the late eighties. She has produced numerous single-channel videos and several installation works among which: A SCRATCH Y2K HUSH-SONG (1999), RUSSIAN SOUL-SEARCHING (1997), EPHEMERIS (1996), LE BRUISSEMENT DES LANGUES (1993), and FROZEN INK (1989), a work that has won several awards and mentions in Europe and North America. She currently lives and works in Montreal where, in addition to her artistic practice, she is pursuing doctoral studies at McGill University. Her academic research is focused on the implications of the New Media for artistic practice, particularly in the present Russian context with which she has been developing media art related contacts since the early nineties. She is President of the Board at Studio XX.