Keg de Souza

Keg de Souza is a Sydney-based interdisciplinary visual artist and anarchitect working with a diverse range of mediums including video, installation, artist’s books, inflatables, dialogical projects, text, and drawing. One of the key themes in her work is an investigation of spatial politics, influenced by her formal educational background in architecture and informal squatting one. Her work emphasizes participation and reciprocity and often involves the process of learning new skills to create site- and situation-specific works. She is involved in many collaborative artistic projects and groups, including SquatSpace artist collective, You Are Here, the Network of Un-Collectable Artists, and Rizzeria, a printmaking collective. For the last ten years she has been self-publishing her own hand-bound books, zines, and prints under the name All Thumbs Press. For The HTMlles, Keg presents a work by her collaborative duo You Are Here. Keg is currently an artist in residence at the Darling Foundry.