Liz MacDougall

Liz MacDougall has been practicing media art since 1984. She has produced several videos including both art and documentary that are currently in distribution including “Time to Heal” and “the Birth of Sybling”. She is a graduate of NSCAD, spent time studying media arts in San Diego, and has been both an employee and a member of several artist-run film and video spaces including Cineworks Film Co-op in Vancouver and the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax. She has also edited broadcast documentaries since 1986. In 1996 she was the founding coordinator of the Incomplete Dislocations Collective, a group of Halifax artists who create and exhibit new media works. Liz’s work is issue-based and accessible and has included critical examinations of issues such as militarism, native rights, child sexual abuse, dissociative disorders and technological progress. She is concerned about the social distribution of power and she creates her work through playful applications of new technologies.